Kayla is a model for professionalism

Kayla and the entire Team are the model for professionalism and service in a results oriented industry. My Wife and I contacted Kayla as well as 5 other Real Estate agents when we were deciding to begin looking for a new home. We wanted to make sure that we were investing in someone that would invest in us.

Kayla was far younger and had less experience than most of the prospective agents we met with. Nonetheless we left our meeting certain that Kayla would be the best fit. My Wife and I took a few months off during the Holidays and then late January looked at our first home with Kayla. 5 other Home Showings and 34 days later we were Closing. To say that working with Kayla was painless is an understatement. My Wife and I look forward to a lifetime of working with Kayla and Orizon Real Estate.

Oh and did I mention she was 8 Months pregnant when we interviewed her and had a newborn Baby when we were closing!